FOUND ! : in Novo Sancti Petri, Spain on 2013.08.28

On Sept 9th we received this message from Max. He found a GoPro!:

“Found a GoPro Camera in the Sea.
Hero3 Camera wirh Waterproof Case
Novo Sancti Petri
Around the 28. August
Send me Serial Number or a Picture of You or Your Friends on the Camera.
Camera was Lost in a Wave in the sea.

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message. We’ll pass it to Max!

Mr. G.


LOST! : Cancun, February 16, 2012, deep dive.

Jayne from Quebec, Canada wrote us this:

“I am writing this email in the remote hope that someone will find my husband’s dive camera that he lost on February 16, 2012 when he was diving off Cancun.
It is a Go Pro and had a black head strap attached at the time.
There might be footage of someone placing a dive tank on the bottom of the ocean as he was doing his deep diver course.
If anyone finds it we would be so appreciative to hear from you.
Our contact information is:

XXXXXXXXX (removed by TheLostGoPro for privacy reason) ”

If you found this camera, feel free to contact us! We’ll pass the message!

LOST! : “Tom Thumb”, Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia

Richard sent us this:

“I lost my GoPro while rock climbing on the route “Tom Thumb” in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia.

It came off my head at the top of the 5th pitch on Sun 25 March, it likely caught in bushes on one of the next two ledges down. We were running out of daylight so didn’t have time to abseil to look for it. I returned last weekend (29 April) but didn’t find it.

I’m more upset about the SD card than the GoPro, it had footage from Bjelke’s Mind canyon the day before as well as the Tom Thumb climb and it was recording when it slipped off my helmet.

Thanks, Rich.”

If you found it, drop us a message, we’ll try to help Richard at least to get this card back!

FOUND! : Mission Bay area of San Diego

Ken found a go pro while diving in the Mission Bay area of San Diego on 3-3-12.
He sent us the following text:

“By the looks of the barnacles and corrosion on the camera I could tell it had been down there for quite a while.
I took it home and pried it open only to discover salt water had gotten into the camera and had caused partial rusting.
Since it was already water damaged, I rinsed it with fresh water, pulled the memory card and battery, then put it all in a bag of rice.
After 2 days I viewed, to my surprise that the card was still good, footage of two Spanish-speaking surfers possibly of Puerto Rican descent (there was a Puerto Rico decal on his surfboard).
The date on the videos say 2009!?
After some messing around with it I got the camera to re-charge and WORK!!
I can’t believe it. If this site ever allows for video upload I’ll do it. I’d love to reunite this camera to it’s owner.

If you think that you are the owner of this found GoPro, feel free to drop us a message! We’ll pass it to Ken. Let’s hope to reunite the Camera with its owner!

A cheap dolly for your GoPro (incl. video)

How to make a dolly for a few bucks…

The solutions is pretty simple!


– Two skateboard trucks, with their 8 screws and nuts (you should have 4 “big nuts with nil-stop” for the wheels and 8 smaller with nil-stop too for the trucks)

– 8 spacer (small!!!)

– 4 inline wheels with the best ball bearing you can find. Wheels have to be quite soft, to minimize the noise and vibrations

– 1 tool used by the plasterers to put mortars or plaster on the walls (if you’ve got the right name, feel free to put it in the comment section below)

– 1 screwdriver and a drilling machine


1. Drill 8 holes in the plasterers tool exactly as they are setup on the skateboard trucks, 4 on each side of the handle (see picture that will be added in a near future…) Please note that the wheels trucks shall be put as apart as possible…

2. Insert 8 screws.

3. Insert the spacer on each screw and put the smaller nuts in place. Tighten all these nuts.

4. Unscrew the biggest nut you will find on the truck axis.

5. Rotate the two trucks by 180 degrees.

6. Put back in place the “biggest nuts”. (tighten quite well, you do not want the truck to move freely)

7. Put the wheels in place, and tighten the “wheel nuts”. (not too much: the rule is tighten until the wheel can just not roll free, then unscrew a quarter of turn (90 degrees))

8. Put your GoPro seat post or roll bar system on the handle (depending on the diameter of the handle).

9. Put the GoPro Camera in place.

10. Go filming horizontal translations, straight or in curved trajectories, even circling around an object! Please note that it works best on smooth surfaces.

As I have readers that might well be willing to try to build this, please do this at your own risks, I am not liable to any accident, injuries or death caused by the dolly, its manufacturing or its use… 😉


Here is a video I just made: my GoPro Hero (with its wireless video link for FPV attached) is filmed by my Hero 2 which is filmed by my Canon Ixus 130 on a small Manfrotto tripod.

[wpvideo 1GbSEgXE]

TIP: Tipp-Ex dots on longest screws

Dear reader,

A simple idea to pick the right screw every time…

You know, these are looking almost the same, but one is longer, in order to let you fix the extenders under the case… (or any accessories)

So to identify them for sure, I just added a small white dot of “TIPP-EX” TM (or from your wife’s French manicure set!) on the longest screws.

Using this simple tip (TIPP-EX? joke inside) I do not make any more the mistake!

Some pics of this are here:

White Dots on the GoPro Screws
White Dots on the GoPro Screws top view












White dots on the side of the screw
White dots on the side of the longest screw












White dots on the top of the longest screw
White dots on the top of the longest screw

LOST! : GoPro Camera in TN, USA

Help Chris to get his camera back!

I lost my GoPro while rafting down the Ocoee River in Ducktown, TN.The view would have been from the guide’s perspective and there were only four of us in the boat.

The camera was on a helmet strap. It came off during a bad flip at Hell Hole, right before the take out….

Reward if found!

PLEASE USE THE FORM located in the contact section (on top of the page) if you have any info on this Lost GoPro. (or comment…)