FOUND ! : at a beach in San Diego County, CA, USA on 2014-05-26

On May 27th we received this message from Curk S. He founds a GoPro!:

“FOUND! : at a beach in San Diego County, CA, USA on 2014-05-26.
Please describe model and contents. Also a photo of yourself to confirm ownership.
Curk S.”

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message with as many details as possible: What were you wearing when the camera was lost (colours), what were you doing, accessories attached, etc…. We’ll pass it to Curk!

Mr. G.

15 thoughts on “FOUND ! : at a beach in San Diego County, CA, USA on 2014-05-26”

  1. Last September I lost my GoPro under the Ingrahm Street bridge in San Diego while lobster diving with my friend. The water visibility wasn’t the greatest. It was mounted on my head with an orange float and head strap. It sure would be a miracle if it finally turned up!

  2. I lost my GoPro last Sept while lobster diving with a friend under the Ingrahm Street bridge in San Diego. We were near Sea World. The GoPro was mount on my head harness and had an orange float attached to it. Video will be of us hunting for lobster. It sure would be a miracle it finally turned up after all this time. My friend Beto say’s my name on i in one of the videos – Josh.

  3. Hello!

    Where should I send background information about the possibility of this being mine? Thank you!

  4. I Lost my GoPro Camera model Hero 3 on the shore of Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad, California while surfing the big waves. The GoPro was mounted on a head mount that wrapped around my head. The memory card contains some videos of myself playing baseball on the beach. I was long boarding and wearing a wetsuit.

  5. I lost my GoPro while kayaking in La Jolla Shores with my friend. It had a 3M sticky mount on the bottom and it was stuck to the front of the kayak. If you watch the video you will see two of us kayaking and I can email you a picture of myself to prove it was me (assuming this all sounds correct). It was the GoPro Hero camera, purchased here for reference:

    Let me know if this sounds right, would love to get it back, especially as we got some (hopefully decent) video.

  6. Was it found at a beach near Encinitas? And is it a hero 3+ edition? Please let me know at (714) 787-6881

  7. If it is mine it has footage from a lobster dive on it. We were near Sea World. You can here my friend say my name underwater (I think – at least I know he did just not sure if the camera picked it up since we never got to watch the footage).

  8. I lost my gopro in San Diego in July 2013. The last video on it was of us playing in the waves until my brother in law decided to see if it would float. It was silver in a clear waterproof case. Thanks!

  9. Hi I lost mine while surfing it is a hero 3+. It also contains pictures of camping in Olympic national forest. It has a headgear attachment to it.

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