FOUND ! : in South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA on 2014-02-??

On Mar 9th we received this message from Edward N. He found a GoPro!:

“I found a GoPro Hero 3 in February 2014 in South Beach Miami Florida. If you have the serial number that would be great.
But if not and  you can tell me what the pictures and videos on it are. I would like to get it back to you. I will follow this site to see if you have answered on you can get my email through them.   Thanks.
Edward N.”

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message with as many details as possible: What were you wearing when the camera was lost (colours), what were you doing, etc…. We’ll pass it to Edward!

Mr. G.

5 thoughts on “FOUND ! : in South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA on 2014-02-??”

  1. Hi there,
    A group of friends and I – making our way all the way from Maine to Maimi – actually lost a GoPro on South Beach. We were just tossing it around the beach, when one of our friends, a tall-lanky-friend with bad hand-eye coordination dropped it in the sand. Our 6’3 friend took a while to get down and before we knew it, it disappeared.

    The videos would have 5 guys – very diverse population – making way from Maine (snow) to Miami (sun).

    Please let me know. This would be a miracle.

  2. Hi, do you see a video of walking and going into a car? Or a Joyce Meyer conference in a Arena in Hershey? Please let me know, I can also tell you the name of the WiFi network of the camera. Thanks. Juan Carlos

  3. Hello! We are 5 good friends from college that traveled from Maine to Miami. We lost our GoPro on south beach on Feb 17 or so, 2014. We have been trying to find it since then. Please respond to this 🙂

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