FOUND ! : on the beach at Mettams Pool Trigg, Perth, Western Australia, on 2014-01-19

On Jan 20th we received this message from Melissa T. She found a GoPro!:

“We found a GoPro on the beach at Mettams Pool Trigg, Perth, Western Australia on 19th January.
It potentially washed up there, from a nearby beach. as it seems to be a floating one.
I have no idea what model it is and I also haven’t looked at the photos yet, but it is clearly distinguishable as it has something attached to it, that the owner could describe. 
Photo coming via email. (not posting it as it is a photo of the camera itself… But Thanks Melissa for sending it!)
Melissa T.”

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message with as many details as possible: What were you wearing when the camera was lost (colours), what were you doing, etc…. We’ll pass it to Melissa T.!

Mr. G.

6 thoughts on “FOUND ! : on the beach at Mettams Pool Trigg, Perth, Western Australia, on 2014-01-19”

  1. hi my names Ashley Mcnamara i think this is my go pro im wearing a rip curl wet suit blue body board,attached to the camera is a long stainless steel pole with the gopro ontop and a floaty back on it
    hope this is enough info, and a hole on top of the stainless steel plate i made it at work

  2. did the owner ever claim it? Happen to show video from near/on mullaloo beach…riding bikes, swimming, and than goodbye into the ocean..?

  3. Hi team! It could be mine :)) It’s a gopro hero 3+ connected to a black headstrap. The sdcard is a 32 GByte Samsung SD Card and I think there is only one picture on it. This picture is of me. There are a few videos on it, as I tried to film some waves. Also in a high frame rate if you want details. Also, on the SD card there are some Game of Thrones episodes in folders.
    I lost my Gopro in mid of December at the Preston Beach. I would be so happy if you could contact me back via mail.
    Chris Engel

  4. Hi, I lost my GoPro whilst diving at Rottnest. It is attached to an elastic headband which came off my head whilst diving for cray fish. It will have footage of the dive. If this may be the one, please contact me for a reward. 0438 000 300. Cheers, Mike

  5. Hey does it have a head strap attached to it? Meant to wear on your head. Potentially footage riding a bike and messing around in the water near mullaloo beach.

  6. Good luck no one has got back to me yet from last year lol, yous can keep the camera just really want the sd card back

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