FOUND ! : on Zuma Beach, CA, USA, on 2014-05-03

On May 4th we received this message from John. He founds a GoPro!:

“Found at Zuma Beach, Ca.
Tell me what’s on it, who’s WIFI name it is in. Found May 03, 2014.

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message with as many details as possible: What were you wearing when the camera was lost (colours), what were you doing, accessories attached, etc…. We’ll pass it to John!

Mr. G.

2 thoughts on “FOUND ! : on Zuma Beach, CA, USA, on 2014-05-03”

  1. Hello,

    Maybe it is mine. There shoud be a head strap connected to the gopro.
    I lost it last year in zuma Beach while swimming in the sea.
    There should be some Videos of sandiego Zoo and universal studios on it. We have had a red tent on the camping place near the zuma Beach.

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