How to travel safely with your GoPro Camera?

As many people are asking themselves “How will I carry my camera around, with my most used accessories?”, I am explaining here my method.


I purchased:

– a plastic box with a handle on the side

– some precut foam

I put my GoPro Camera and accessories on top of the foam and started to extrude the shape of my GoPro Camera and accessories.

Finally I inserted my cameras and accessories in the cuts, and voila!


Some pics to illustrate the result:

A Valet with a GoPro and some accessories
Valet with a GoPro and some accessories


A Valet with a GoPro and some accessories (Top View)
A Valet with a GoPro and some accessories (View from the top)


Here is the list of what I put inside:

A GoPro Camera (up to three could be carried in my box: 1 in the foam, two in the two HD housing.

One waterproof HD housing and one open version both with their backpack battery backdoor

One open and one waterproof standard back doors

A backpack battery

A suction mount

A handlebar and seat-post mount

Many GoPro extenders

Lot of GoPro screws (with a small “tipp-ex” white dot on the longest, the ones for the case, in order to identify them easily)

A USB cable to recharge the GoPro Camera battery

My rotating time-lapse egg-timer (IKEA) with a female tripod adapter at the bottom (for a tripod…) and another one at the top (for the GoPro tripod adapter)

Finally I placed a GoPro sticker on the case in order to identify it quickly and my details (name, email, phone) under the foam sheet that is located on the cover of the box.

What can’t be put in the box: a pole (1.5m long, aluminum), my Manfrotto big and small tripods, the Gorilla tripod.


I hope that this post helped you…

Comments are as usual welcome!


Mr. G.