LOST! : right side of Huntington Beach Pier, CA – USA, on 2013-08-end

On Jan 10th, we received this message from Danny M.:

“Can’t believe I’ve only thought of looking up this website now!!

I lost my GoPro Hero 2 in the surf just right side of Huntington Beach Pier, CA – USA, at the end of August 2013.
…It had so many amazing memories of me and bros working at camp, and doing sports and would be absolutely unbelievable if I got it back. I’m hoping it eventually made it back to shore!
Easiest way to identify it would be that it had fluo orange string attached to it (so to fit your hand through), but that would probably be faded now.
…and some footage included epic table tennis rallies and messing around in the lake, plus awesome videos of driving through California to BANGING tunes!!!
Even a few months later I’m determined to be reunited!

Danny M.”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.