New way I will handle the backlog

Dear visitor,

As usual, the backlog is huge!
Right now I have 130 messages to read (Feb 21st) (UPDATE as of March 15th: 220, April 4th: 305, April 21st: 402, May 29th: 520…),  google the place (i.e. “Hey there! I lost my GoPro/Contour/Sony kayaking on the Versoix River, close to the Chocolate factory, Please help! John Doe”) to find out where it is, rephrase the English (even-though English is not my mother tongue), and so on.

I think that FOUND Cameras are those that could be reunited pretty quickly, so I will stay focused and start with them. Then I will eventually continue with the LOSTS…

Hope that you will understand this decision.


Mr. G.

PS a close friend (a well-known web developer, and DJ) is currently working on a V2.0… More efficient (for you and for me), more actual functionalities, using a database (easier to search).
The only downside: Ads will be present. I can not afford a top class web developer, the hosting, etc.
So the website will still be free, but you will have to endure banners…

17 thoughts on “New way I will handle the backlog”

  1. LOST!! at Palmas Beach in Santa Catarina, Florianapolis, Brazil (location:

    GoPro HERO3+, black, with TouchScreen and adhesive flat mount.

    Last videos taken: I am surfing on a yellow/red surfboard without lycra.

    If camera is found, all I ask is for the SD card. It contains videos from our honeymoon trip to Brazil which I have not had the chance to download. The GoPro belongs to the founder, he deserves it.

    Contact: Roy Eden,, + 44 (0) 797 134 0404

  2. Hello, not sure how this works! But travelling Thailand and lost my go pro tubing in Khoa Sok! Absolutely heartbroken!!! Would be amazing if it was found.
    Thanks !!

    Khoa Sok, 18/7/2014 afternoon

  3. My 12 year old son lost his gopro jumping off the Hastings point bridge at the river in Kingscliff NSW. He is devastated as he took a long time to sve the money to buy this. We are on holidays from Victoria.

  4. How do I search or post about our lost Gopro? My husband and I are wall climbers and took a very dear non-climber friend on a very cool route rapelling down the “lost earth” Yosemite falls route in Yosemite a few months ago. He’s a dad of 3 little ones and works constantly and can barely keep afloat, and made a special exception to buy the Gopro to show his family and document his bravery and unique adventure. Many of the rapells land into pools of water at the base of many sections of Yosemite falls and we have to swim with our gear to the next anchors. I wore it on my head for him to show him on his adventure. It came off in a pool of water and now that the falls will flow, it’ll prob turn up someplace along the merced River. My husband and I took diving gear back up the route two weekends in a row trying to find it (who dives with scuba gear in Yosemite, let alone Yosemite falls?). No luck. He’d be so amazed to recover the footage.

  5. Lost my gopro4 silver snowboarding on the back hill mogul run at lake Louise in banff, Alberta On March 1 2015. Really value the footage and saved up for a long time for the camera.

  6. I lost my gopro hero 4 silver about a mile down from Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu while out surfing. It was on the dog beach side.

  7. LOST.
    Shaws cove, Laguna beach, California

    Hi my name is long. I lost my go pro 4 black on November 8, 2015 at shaws cove Laguna beach California. The GoPro was on an extendable silver selfie stick. Should have footage of my friends and I snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding.

  8. Hi, I posted a lost go pro message at the start of April (black hero 3 at Exmouth Western Australia near Lakeside snorkelling area)but am happy to say it was found and returned! Thanks for providing this page 😀

  9. June 6, 2016 Yaquina Bay, South Jetty, Newport, Oregon !!! LOST GO PRO HERO3 silver !!! My wife gave it to me for Christmas. She’s pissed….lol. So I need that camera back. It was attached to a hat. Please contact me if you have see my camera.
    Tim Taylor

  10. Lost GoPro hero 3 with orange floaty pack and selfie stick (both attached) on Shelly beach, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia on Sunday the 3rd of July.
    Thank-you for your hard work reuniting lost personal items!

  11. Comment: I lost my Gopro Hero 4 silver at Airport lefts reef in Kuta, Bali on 10 July 2016. It was attached to a headmount/strap with lanyard to my singlet. however lanyard strap broke as a result of a heavy wipeout. Reward offered for return

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