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  1. I found a go pro while diving in the Mission Bay area of San Diego on 3-3-12. By the looks of the barnicles and corosion on the camera I could tell it had been down there for quite a while. I took it home and pried it open only to discover salt water had gotten into the camera and had caused partial rusting. Since it was already water damaged I rinsed it with fresh water, pulled the memory card and battery, then put it all in a bag of rice. After 2 days I viewed, to my surprise that the card was still good, footage of two Spanish speaking surfers possibly of Puerto Rican descent (there was a Puerto Rico decal on his surfboard). The date on the videos say 2009!? After some messing around with it I got the camera to re-charge and WORK!! I can’t believe it. If this site ever allows for video upload I’ll do it. I’d love to reunite this camera to it’s owner.

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