LOST! : on Middleton, South Australia, on 2014-01-14

On Jan 15th, we received this message from Jeremy P.:

“G’day there,
I am Jeremy a young French backpacker.
Just found your website and Facebook page googling “lost gopro”.
I was surfing at Middleton, SA yesterday (Tuesday the 14th of January between 14h00 and 17h00) and lost my Gopro 3 black edition!!! It has no mount since it was attached to my wrist but the leash just broke up! 
It has a 32go memory card in it full of pics and videos not yet saved!!!
I will be very grateful if you could just put that on your wall/website!! It’s not even six month and was the most valuable thing I was carrying in my backpack…
Thanks in advance for your help,
Jeremy P.”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.

FOUND ! : on the shore of Emu Park beach, QLD, Australia, 2014-01-05

On Jan 9th we received this message from Angus P. He found a GoPro!:

“FOUND! : on the shore of Emu Park beach QLD Australia 5/1/14

Example of text: “Gidday, some poor backpackers have lost their camera, or more importantly a vast array of images from their trip up the east coast of Australia. If it is you let me know. You will have to Angus”

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message. We’ll pass it to Angus P.!

Mr. G.