New way I will handle the backlog

Dear visitor,

As usual, the backlog is huge!
Right now I have 130 messages to read (Feb 21st) (UPDATE as of March 15th: 220, April 4th: 305, April 21st: 402, May 29th: 520…),  google the place (i.e. “Hey there! I lost my GoPro/Contour/Sony kayaking on the Versoix River, close to the Chocolate factory, Please help! John Doe”) to find out where it is, rephrase the English (even-though English is not my mother tongue), and so on.

I think that FOUND Cameras are those that could be reunited pretty quickly, so I will stay focused and start with them. Then I will eventually continue with the LOSTS…

Hope that you will understand this decision.


Mr. G.

PS a close friend (a well-known web developer, and DJ) is currently working on a V2.0… More efficient (for you and for me), more actual functionalities, using a database (easier to search).
The only downside: Ads will be present. I can not afford a top class web developer, the hosting, etc.
So the website will still be free, but you will have to endure banners…

About Mr. G. And this blog/FB page…

Dear reader,
Maybe you’d like to know a bit more on who’s behind this blog/FaceBook page/Twitter/ etc…
Ok, facts… You certainly already know that I’m in my late 30’s, working for an Air Navigation Service Provider in Europe (Switzerland), that I’m a photographer (as side job). But did you knew that this blog is maintained by a single guy?
Best post: around 60’000 views, 1’400 fans on Facebook, and ~800 posts written over 2 years on the blog
Living my life at 180 km/h! (And traveling as much as I can!…)
Also I quit smoking 8 days ago (bad habit) after almost 20 years of addiction. No help (patches, e-cig, gum,…) just WILL! And it works!
It’s hard, but it worth the effort!
All in all, to summarize:
“I gotta feelin’ that this year’s gonna be a good good year, feelin'” (self interpretation of the Black Eyed Peas song…)! 😉
Mr. G.

Ps the backlog is still present… Will do my best to clear 2 days of backlog per day (usually during evening in Europe)… But also got a life…

TheLostGoPro !

Dear reader,

this blog will try to help to reunite lost GoPro cameras and their owner!

We just need some time to build it!

The number of post is not increasing quickly as this is due to the fact that if you are not contacting us announcing a found or lost Camera, we can’t help!!!
(in order to keep this blog more alive, from time to time we post a “paper” on Tips&Tricks or Setup we made)

So feel free to fill the contact form here: Contact-us
We will answer as soon as possible!

Thanks for your patience…
Mr. G.