FOUND ! : on the shores of Jersey, Channel Islands, in June 2013-06-??

On Feb 28th we received this message from Caroline L. She found a GoPro!:

“Hello, this is very late in posting due to it being handed over to me so I can scour the social media to try find its owner. The GoPro (don’t know the model I apologise) was found on the shores of Jersey Channel Islands in June 2013. Photos on it are of 2 guys, sailing on a boat we think is called ‘Polo’ chartered from St. Malo.
Caroline L”

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message with as many details as possible: What were you wearing when the camera was lost (colours), what were you doing, etc…. We’ll pass it to Caroline L.!

Mr. G.

FOUND ! : on beach north of Jersey, Channel Islands, on 2013-10-26

On Oct 31st we received this message from Sarah M. She found a GoPro!:

“Found a Hero3 GoPro in mount on a beach in the north of Jersey (Channel Islands), according to the last footage it was dropped overboard during kayaking, owner appears to be a male teenager. Date lost around ten days before we found it washed up on the beach on Saturday 26th October.
Sarah M.”

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message. We’ll pass it to Sarah!

Mr. G.