LOST! : on Chippawa Creek Bridge, Ontario, Canada USA, on 2013-09-??

On Sept 29th, we received this message from Nathan D.:

“Hi!! I lost my GoPro Hero 3 in the Chippawa Creek while bridge jumping. The camera was attached to my monopod. My girlfriend threw it down to me (15′-20′ drop) and I caught it before it hit the water and the connector piece snapped and my GoPro fell into the water. This sucks.

Location info:

-Chippawa Creek Bridge
-About 1/4 of the creeks width from shore (15′- 20′)
-Water depth is possibly 30-50′ deep (not sure)
-SQUBA required
-Decent current (surface is moderate, not sure about bottom)
-Bottom is probably rocky.
-Location is SQUBA dived frequently
-Camera probably hit the bottom at about halfway under the bridge, but may have been swept down stream a bit.
-Will pay $150 to look, and an extra $50 ($200) to bring the camera back up.
-Camera has a 64gb SDXC Memory Card in it.

Nathan D”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.