LOST! : near Zurich, Switzerland on 2013-10-25

On Nov 4th, we received this message from Emilien D.:

“Hi! I Lost my GoPro Camera model Hero 2. We launched a helium filled balloon close to Yverdon, Switzerland and it should land near Zürich, Switzerland. The GoPro was attached to the side of a black box. The box also contains a microcontroler with a memory card and sensors. The GoPro’s memory card contains some videos of the take off, the earth and the stratosphere. Two GPS were in, one DG-100 Data Logger and one SPOT GPS tracker which forget to send us back his landing position. It’s an important school project for us, so if found please let us know. Thanks to the finder to contact theLostGoPro.com.

Note from TheLostGoPro: this story has been published in a Swiss Newspaper (in French): http://www.20min.ch/ro/news/vaud/story/Eleves-desempares-apres-la-perte-d-un-ballon-sonde-28713070

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.