LOST! : on Moana Beach, near Adelaide, South Australia, in 2014-01-11

On Jan 13th, we received this triple message from Mark T.:

I copied it into 3 different posts for the metadata to work correctly…

Third one:

“Hi Guys – I must be the most careless GoPro owner in the world!!
#1 – Lost GoPro2 – Saint Andre Les Alpes, 04170, France – Fell from my hang glider.
Pictures will be of a long white wing and me in a blue/black harness
Lost summer 2012
#2 – Lost GoPro3 – Got separated from my kitesurf board and camera (attached to each other) under the Golden gate bridge, San Francisco, CA. Was launching from Crissy Fields. Will be a ton of awesome shots riding and racing under Golden gate. Got swamped by the swell as the ocean and bay tidal flows meet
Lost Sept 2013
#3 – Lost GoPro3+ – Moana Beach, South Australia (near Adelaide) – Leash snapped while launching jetski into heavy surf. Should be attached to the new G Clamp. Has my contact details.
Lost 11th Jan 2014

Getting any of these back would be stunning – but its the photos I really need. A decent reward if found.
Thanks for hosting the site and the help you give muppets like me 🙂

Cheers Mark”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.

LOST! : in front of Samira Club Hotel in Hammametin, Tunisia, on 2013-08-29

On Sept 20th, we received this message from Andreas N.:

“On 29th of August 2013 a friend of mine lost my GoPro Hero3 black with a 64GB microSD card mounted on the original helmet mount.
The last video is how he drives JetSki in the sea in front of the Samira Club Hotel in 8050 Hammametin Tunisia (Avenue de la Paix).
On the SD card there are also some pics of me while making photos of me with waves in the sea.
Also there are some pics of me and my friend while being on paddleboat on the sea.
The picture below is definitely on the goPro SD Card, because I copied it with the iOS app. I have copied 146 photos from my GoPro. But on the GoPro are also a video while I drove a JetSki and how I did parachuting over the sea of Hammamet in Tunisia.
I hope that a honestly person finds my goPro and if, there will be a reward for bringing me back good photos of a wonderful vacation.

Thank you very much.
Greetings from Germany
Andreas N.”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.

PS the Andreas is pictured below: