LOST! : on Middleton, South Australia, on 2014-01-14

On Jan 15th, we received this message from Jeremy P.:

“G’day there,
I am Jeremy a young French backpacker.
Just found your website and Facebook page googling “lost gopro”.
I was surfing at Middleton, SA yesterday (Tuesday the 14th of January between 14h00 and 17h00) and lost my Gopro 3 black edition!!! It has no mount since it was attached to my wrist but the leash just broke up! 
It has a 32go memory card in it full of pics and videos not yet saved!!!
I will be very grateful if you could just put that on your wall/website!! It’s not even six month and was the most valuable thing I was carrying in my backpack…
Thanks in advance for your help,
Jeremy P.”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.

LOST! : on Moana Beach, near Adelaide, South Australia, in 2014-01-11

On Jan 13th, we received this triple message from Mark T.:

I copied it into 3 different posts for the metadata to work correctly…

Third one:

“Hi Guys – I must be the most careless GoPro owner in the world!!
#1 – Lost GoPro2 – Saint Andre Les Alpes, 04170, France – Fell from my hang glider.
Pictures will be of a long white wing and me in a blue/black harness
Lost summer 2012
#2 – Lost GoPro3 – Got separated from my kitesurf board and camera (attached to each other) under the Golden gate bridge, San Francisco, CA. Was launching from Crissy Fields. Will be a ton of awesome shots riding and racing under Golden gate. Got swamped by the swell as the ocean and bay tidal flows meet
Lost Sept 2013
#3 – Lost GoPro3+ – Moana Beach, South Australia (near Adelaide) – Leash snapped while launching jetski into heavy surf. Should be attached to the new G Clamp. Has my contact details.
Lost 11th Jan 2014

Getting any of these back would be stunning – but its the photos I really need. A decent reward if found.
Thanks for hosting the site and the help you give muppets like me 🙂

Cheers Mark”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.

Some tips to get your GoPro Camera back!

Some simple ideas to help to recover your GoPro Camera in case of loss… and if an honest person finds it!

1. Add a sticker with Name, Phone and Email on the inner side of the battery door.

2. Idem but on the inner side of the backdoor.

3. Write the same details in a “If_Found.txt” file, and put it on the SD Card. The “difficult” part is to not delete the file when deleting other things on the card.

4. Write your details on the SD card sticker.

5. Find the GoPro Camera Serial number (either on the GoPro Camera or in the EXIF data of pictures) and register it somewhere. (i.e.: on this website in a near future…)
Even if we are not 100% certain that the GoPro Manufacturer is using a unique serial # per camera!!!

6. Add a picture of you on the SD Card. Even better: Hold a cardboard in front of you with your details on it.

7. Use the GoPro floating accessories (and add a leash) if you are using it on/in/under the water. If you are using the GoPro Battery BackPack or the GoPro LCD BackPack, it might be possible to use two of them, glued together. (I haven’t tried yet!) The only issue is that the use of the camera in combination with a suction cup leads to a too heavy combined weight to float using the floaty backdoor.

8. Post to this website the location, conditions, other info and contact details for any lost GoPro Camera.

Mr. G.