LOST! : along the sidewalk of UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, on 2014-01-??

On Jan 11th, we received this message from Dhan H.:

“Lost GoPro Hero 3 Silver on the UCSB campus along the sidewalk/ bike-path that runs from the San Clemente Apartments to the Pardall tunnel.  Footage would show the GoPro being attached to my longboard, then falling off somewhere along this path. It’s WiFi shows up as Dhalili1. I would greatly appreciate it being returned. I’ll buy you Freebirds if it is returned.
Dhan H”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.

Question from Mr. G.: Hope that freebirds isn’t illegal. I don’t know what it is. If illegal, got the IP address + phone of the person proposing it… IP address starts with 173.230…. and was attributed on Jan 11th @05:56 CET to the sender…  Sorry Dhan, but I have to cover my A….. 😉 Anyway hope that you’ll be reunited with your lost GoPro camera!!!

LOST: shore of Scarborough beach, Perth, WA, Australia, on 2013-10-03

On Oct 3rd, we received this message from Joe C.:

“LOST: at the shore of scarborough beach,WA, perth on the 3rd of october 2013

Hi! I lost my gopro hero 3 silver edition on the shore of Scarborough beach in Perth, WA. I barrel rolled my board and safety line snapped off my gopro. It was affixed with an adhesive mount. The memory card contains some footage of me body boarding and of me on the trampoline with a skateboard doing tricks. Thanks to the finder who finds it. Reward if found !
Joe C.”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.


PS below a picture of Joe C.

A cheap dolly for your GoPro (incl. video)

How to make a dolly for a few bucks…

The solutions is pretty simple!


– Two skateboard trucks, with their 8 screws and nuts (you should have 4 “big nuts with nil-stop” for the wheels and 8 smaller with nil-stop too for the trucks)

– 8 spacer (small!!!)

– 4 inline wheels with the best ball bearing you can find. Wheels have to be quite soft, to minimize the noise and vibrations

– 1 tool used by the plasterers to put mortars or plaster on the walls (if you’ve got the right name, feel free to put it in the comment section below)

– 1 screwdriver and a drilling machine


1. Drill 8 holes in the plasterers tool exactly as they are setup on the skateboard trucks, 4 on each side of the handle (see picture that will be added in a near future…) Please note that the wheels trucks shall be put as apart as possible…

2. Insert 8 screws.

3. Insert the spacer on each screw and put the smaller nuts in place. Tighten all these nuts.

4. Unscrew the biggest nut you will find on the truck axis.

5. Rotate the two trucks by 180 degrees.

6. Put back in place the “biggest nuts”. (tighten quite well, you do not want the truck to move freely)

7. Put the wheels in place, and tighten the “wheel nuts”. (not too much: the rule is tighten until the wheel can just not roll free, then unscrew a quarter of turn (90 degrees))

8. Put your GoPro seat post or roll bar system on the handle (depending on the diameter of the handle).

9. Put the GoPro Camera in place.

10. Go filming horizontal translations, straight or in curved trajectories, even circling around an object! Please note that it works best on smooth surfaces.

As I have readers that might well be willing to try to build this, please do this at your own risks, I am not liable to any accident, injuries or death caused by the dolly, its manufacturing or its use… 😉


Here is a video I just made: my GoPro Hero (with its wireless video link for FPV attached) is filmed by my Hero 2 which is filmed by my Canon Ixus 130 on a small Manfrotto tripod.

[wpvideo 1GbSEgXE]