LOST! : between Bowling Green, Kentucky and Tennessee, USA, on 2013-06-??

On Nov 12th, we received this message from Jacob A.:

“I’ve lost GoPros on two separate weather balloon launches where the GPS didn’t work.

On launch A–there were 3 GoPro cameras attached to a foam cooler. There was a piece of glass sticking out the side with Star Wars Toys attached to that. There should be a parachute attached to the top.
Launch B had one Gopro and one light blue Kodak mini camera. It also had Star Wars toys attached to the outside with a parachute–a white one.

There were launched from Bowling Green, Kentucky in June and are likely somewhere in Kentucky though Tennessee is a possibility.

Thanks for any leads,

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Mr. G.


LOST! : GoPro Camera in TN, USA

Help Chris to get his camera back!

I lost my GoPro while rafting down the Ocoee River in Ducktown, TN.The view would have been from the guide’s perspective and there were only four of us in the boat.

The camera was on a helmet strap. It came off during a bad flip at Hell Hole, right before the take out….

Reward if found!

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