LOST! : in a black & yellow taxi in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 2014-01-19

On Jan 19th, we received this message from Jesse P.:

“Hi! I Lost my GoPro Camera model Hero 3+ in the back seat of a taxi in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We got in the taxi at Feria de San Telmo in San Telmo and went to Caminito in La Boca (San Telmo & La Boca are two suburbs right next to each other in Buenos Aires) it was inside its waterproof case with the ‘skeleton’ backing on. Also inside the case was a white piece of paper which said ‘Kase-o’. The memory card contains videos of myself talking to the camera about various experiences in South America, trekking, etc. It also had tons of photos of my wife and I during our travels in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru & Chile. In the footage I was usually wearing an army green hat with the a blue and white ‘Deus’ logo on it or a cream and black scarf around my neck or head. Thanks to the finder to contact theLostGoPro.com. Reward if found!
Jesse P.”

If you found it, feel free to contact us using this form. We’ll pass the message.

Mr. G.