New way I will handle the backlog

Dear visitor,

As usual, the backlog is huge!
Right now I have 130 messages to read (Feb 21st) (UPDATE as of March 15th: 220, April 4th: 305, April 21st: 402, May 29th: 520…), ¬†google the place (i.e. “Hey there! I lost my GoPro/Contour/Sony kayaking on the Versoix River, close to the Chocolate factory, Please help! John Doe”) to find out where it is, rephrase the English (even-though English is not my mother tongue), and so on.

I think that FOUND Cameras are those that could be reunited pretty quickly, so I will stay focused and start with them. Then I will eventually continue with the LOSTS…

Hope that you will understand this decision.


Mr. G.

PS a close friend (a well-known web developer, and DJ) is currently working on a V2.0… More efficient (for you and for me), more actual functionalities, using a database (easier to search).
The only downside: Ads will be present. I can not afford a top class web developer, the hosting, etc.
So the website will still be free, but you will have to endure banners…