SOLVED! FOUND ! : in Crystal Mountain, Washington, USA on 2014-03-07

On Mar 12th we received this message from Shaun T. He found a GoPro!:

“Found GoPro! Crystal Mountain, Washington, USA, on 3/7/2014.
I was up skiing and found your GoPro.  You have unique marks on it to identify it as yours.

This is a picture you took of your friends:

Let me know so I can get your camera back to you.  I wasn’t sure if I should trust the lost-n-found.
Shaun T.”

If you think that this might be yours, please send us a message with as many details as possible: What were you wearing when the camera was lost (colours), what were you doing, etc…. We’ll pass it to Shaun!

Mr. G.


Received Message from Shaun received yesterday (May 30th 2014)

Good news, Guillaume!  I talked to Nick and it is his GoPro!  The GoPro had silver “X”s on it and he was able to identify that as well as provide other pictures of his friends.
I was able to ship it back to him and he received it.
This was my last message from him:
“My camera showed up on my front doorstep last night. Thank you again very much. I never thought something like this could happen. My family and I will be in Seattle middle July to ride the Seattle to Portland bike ride. If interested I would love to meet you, shake your hand and buy you a beer. Thanks again for everything. Nick”
The Internet Won this round!
Thank you for your website and your desire to connect owners with their lost GoPros!  It is a very needed service!
Shaun T.